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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Honda Produces Machine V-6 for Honda Accord

Honda Motor Co.(HMC) announced that they will produce machine V-6 for Honda Accord in one of two assembling in Lincoln, Alabama beginning next year. In this time, the factory makes minivan Odyssey and vehicle SUV Pilot. “Honda will decrease the production of 8.000 vehicles in Lincoln in November this year because the selling is down, said Ed Miller from HMC.
Relocation of Accord production to Marysville for making 4 cylinder machines is more efficient. Beside that, HMC also decided to increase the production of 4 cylinder machine in the factory, Anna, Ohio and decrease the production of 6 cylinder machine. Beside Accord, Honda will relocate the production from Canada to Alabama early next year for pick up (ridgeline) vehicle. And Honda also plans to cut total production of Odyssey and Pilot 14.000 units in February and March 2009.
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